Dear IbuFriends,

Ibutrade has closed.

We have switched off the lights, closed the door and will step out on a new adventure after a little rest!

We have loved showcasing the beautiful and life-giving work of fair trade and ethical producers from around the globe, but we've just run out of puff and want to step off the crazy treadmill for a while to live gently; with the earth, and with each other.

We are really looking forward to spending time in the bush, on the beach and working in our local community. The more we see, the more convinced we are that what is needed most right now is working together!

We'd love to stay in contact with you, so please do drop by to our new blog, Live Gently, where we'll be celebrating the slow and gentle, the sustainable and ethical and ruminating generally on what it means to live the good life. Should be fun!

And of course, thank you.

Goodbye for now!

Clare & Michael

PS. if you need to contact us about an order we can still be reached at